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Types Of Treatment Available For Gastro-Intestinal Track

Are you suffering from abdominal pain or uneasiness in your stomach? The abdominal pain along with constipation or diarrhoea and bleeding during the stool can be something very much worrying. If you are facing combination of any of those then it’s high time to visit a doctor and seek attention. Also, weight loss is also a triggering factor along with these that can lead to something severe. No need to worry much as timely action or medical assistance can completely cure you! There are many symptoms that might not be the exact reason behind cancer, but it is advisable to get it diagnosed so that it does not bother you at all.

If you are visiting a doctor with such symptoms then he/she will definitely ask you to perform few tests. Let’s have a look into those treatment or diagnostic procedures:

  • Colonoscopy is something that is very much related to colon cancer detection. The flexible fibre optics is used to identify the irregularities in the large bowel or colon. This is not a surgical process, but it is done to get a visual dimension of what is happening inside your colon. At times if the doctor is not certain with the situation then he/she might perform polyp removal or biopsies. The task takes half an hour to complete and certain medications are advised after the test is performed. Click here for more info on conoloscopy Brisbane.
  • The gastroscopy is another such test, which helps in examining the stomach and beginning of duodenum. This non-surgical process is also known as endoscopy and it is performed to identify the reason of bleeding. In this process gaseous substances are inserted inside the stomach so that the inner lining is clearly visible. Samples are taken for biopsies in this process, which lasts for 30 minutes. There are certain medications that are strictly restricted in such kind of treatment.
  • The screening of bowel cancer is done through identifying polyps and removing it accordingly. All the polyps are not cancerous and thus the screening helps in identifying the polyps in details. People having a family history of bowl cancer should be very much careful and go for periodic check.
  • You can also expect to get assistance regarding flexible Signoidoscopy, which is done to examine the rectum, descending colon and sigmoid colon. This type of diagnosis has better outcome as the patient is not required to stay under anaesthesia or stay on diet. In this 15-20 minute process you can see everything going inside through the live videos.

All the procedures are done to stop the rectal bleeding and identify the reason behind the bleeding. So, take quick decision if you are facing such problems.