4 Serious Oral Health Issues That You Should Look Out For

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The use our mouth benefits us for a lifetime. Its health is one of the health criteria that you need to ensure. Given that a simple ulcer can bring hell upon us, we should never ever take far more serious conditions any less serious. The extent of sensitivity of the mouth makes it more vulnerable to be damaged. This can lead to several severe oral health issues.Here are some of them!

Heart attacks/strokes

The condition of your gum has a direct connection with the status of your bloodstream. Your arteries have fair chance of being hardened by the effect of the harmful microorganisms in your dental plaque. This inurement leads to unmanageable blood-flow hinderances, heart blockages that eventually causes heart attacks and strokes. Given that this takes a considerably long period of time, your family dentist Sandringham will be able to save you, if you were smart enough to consult them on time.

Erectile dysfunction

Dental plaque is the thin screen that prevails right after you brush your teeth. Periodontal disease diminishes this screen that is vital for the healthy functionality of your mouth. This leads to several infections in your gums. Like the previous case, these bacteria also have a very probable chance to pollute the bloodstreams. The resulting inflammation can block the blood delivery to your genitals, putting you in uncomfortable erectile dysfunction situations.


We all have seen the warning images in cigarette packets and yet, most of us keep doing the same mistake daily. It’s like buying death in installments. Refraining from smoking isn’t enough; you have to maintain the cleanliness of your gums, teeth and the mouth as whole to avoid very serious conditions like these. But then again, if you were smart enough to visit a trained dentist now and then, you will be less paranoid and safer in terms of oral cancers. After all, doctors know the best.


The connection of your mouth with your brain is quite strong. Dementia is a serious disease that is causes by dead brain cells due to the compounds that unhealthy gums produce. This causes memory loss and extensive headaches typically. There is a fair possibly for gingivitis too.There are only a few of the extreme oral diseases. Poor oral hygiene is so string negatively that it can complicate a woman’s pregnancy even. Since there are too many risks, it’s probably about time that you start brushing your teeth twice a day, properly and start visiting a reliable dental clinic.