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Common Skin Conditions And How To Get Rid Of Them

While we all need some early morning sunlight to replenish our vitamins, not too much is good. Especially during afternoons when the sunlight is really bright, try and limit your exposure as much as possible. If you have no other choices use a good sunscreen that works for you. Look after your skin because it is not just something that makes you look good, it is also the largest organ in your body and the barrier that keeps your inner organs protected.

pigmentation treatment melbourneHaving unclear and unhealthy skin can be a strong confidence buster. It will leave you feeling embarrassed and make you want to stay inside. It will also reflect on your overall health poorly. However, there are some skin conditions which are not under our control. Some of these can be cured today and some of them can be managed. Others may have no cure yet. Here are a few skin conditions that are rather common and can be looked after.


Probably the biggest culprit and the hardest to get rid of is acne. Acne can be caused by unclean and oily skin and also because of poor hygiene. However, other conditions which you cannot control like a hormonal imbalance can also give you painful acne flare-ups. Stress on the other hand, is a condition that you can control and is also known to cause acne. If you have a hormonal imbalance, visit a skin doctor for advice on what you can get as medication. Follow good cleaning habits and get plenty of rest with a balanced diet and enough hydration and you will see your acne begin to clear off. You can also visit a pigmentation specialist Melbourne to reduce any of the blemishes that you may get from a particularly severe bout of acne.

Skin discolouration

If you have brown to grey coloured patches on your skin, this could be a condition that requires attention because it mostly occurs on the face. However while the condition can be hereditary it is benign and has no records of having turned into cancer.

The biggest problem here is that the discoloured patches will be clearly visible. However procedures like melasma treatment and others can really help you clarify this to a great extent. To learn more about skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation please visit


This one is an awfully common and rather irritating condition. However, it is not contagious. The symptoms are usually an irritation on the skin, usually on the face, back of knees, wrists and other areas which start off as an itch and proceeds to a dry, flaky rash. The condition is also known as atopic dermatitis. While there is no cure for it, the vast majority of people with this condition manage it successfully with the correct medication and maintenance.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks on skin can happen because of a couple of reasons. The major cause is pregnancy during which there is significant weight gain. Most often the abdomen area is left criss-crossed with stretch marks afterward. Another reason is weight gain which has nothing to do with pregnancy. When the skin stretches, sometimes it loses its elasticity. That is when the marks become visible. However with the help of the right doctor, you can easily get this condition under control. The use of good moisturizers which will enhance the quality of the skin and a balanced diet will also help you get back your original quality of skin.